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Dolls Collectible Hilke #274 Hildegard Gunzel Collection
Hildegard Gunzel "Hilke" Porcelain Doll

Dolls Collectible Hilke #274 Hildegard Gunzel Collection

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Colletible Dolls by
Hildegard Gunzel Collection

Limited Edition Porcelain Hilke By Hildegard Gunzel
"This Porcelain Limited Edition #274 "HILKE" Signed and Numbered from the  Hildegard Gunzel Collection" is a very beautiful doll".   Hilke is years old and in excellent condition and will make a wonderful addition to your doll collection. She comes to you in her original box, clothing and Certificate Of Authenticity.  She is a porcelain limited edition doll #274 of 500 worldwide. Hilke has beautiful hand blown blue glass eyes and hand tied lashes.  She has a sunny disposition and a great personality with her sandy pigtails, hand painted eyebrows, freckles and rosy cheeks.  Hildegard Gunzell dolls are treasured by doll lovers, collectors, and museums for their superior artistry and classic innocence all over the world.  This doll was purchased in March of 1991 and sold for $799.95.  This Hilke collector doll was on display for approx. 13 years and boxed up for another 6 years.  Because of her many years on display she could stand to be cleaned. 
Size:     Approx. 25" Tall
Hilke Porcelain Limited Edition #274 By Hildegard Gunzel Collection - Free Shipping!!!

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