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Farming The Heartland by Danbury Mint Plates Set of 8 Issue #G95

Farming The Heartland by Danbury Mint Plates Set of 8 Issue #G95

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By Danbury Mint Circa 1990-1992

Complete Set of 8 plates series of farm scenes by Emmett Kaye, entitled "FARMING THE HEARTLAND" and made by the Danbury Mint Circa 1990-1992. We have 2- complete consecutively numbered sets, but they are being sold per set and they have very low issue numbers, the first set of 8 are all marked G 95 and the second set are all marked G 96. If you act quickly, both sets can be yours, in this "Rare" opportunity to have two consecutively low numbered "Mint Condition" sets. All of these have been stored in their original Styrofoam containers since made and were just removed to be photographed, you can't get any more of a "Mint Condition" than this. Each set contains one each of "Bountiful Harvest", "Beating the Storm", "Harvesting at Last", "Water Wagon", "A Well Deserved Break", "Taking a Breather", "Baling Hay" and "Daddy's Little Helper", all numbered G 95 or G 96 for the second set. These are beautiful scenes of the way farming was done in days gone by and were produced in an edition limited to 14 firing days by the Danbury Mint.  "They come Complete with All the Original Paperwork".

"These are not for Food Use due to Metallic Pigments which May Be Poisonous".

Plate Measurements:  8 1/4" x 7/8"
Farming The Heartlands By Danbury Mint Plates Set Of 8 #G95

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