Favorite Piqua Ware Cast Iron

The Favorite Stove & Range Company

W.C. Davis Company

In 1848, William C. Davis established the W.C. Davis Company in Cincinnati, Ohio and between 1875 and 1888 William Boal acquired controlling interest in the company. In 1888 William Boal negotiated a deal with the City of Piqua, Ohio and closed the plant in Cincinnati and moved it to Piqua and renamed it The Favorite Stove and Range Company.

By the 1920s, hollow ware was one of the companies top selling products, including the pieces with porcelain surfaces. Their most popular color of porcelain was a pastel or baby blue and was used on all sorts of products, even their toy stove and cook ware line. Their most famous toy item could be their fully functional Dollys Favorite Childs Stove circa 1910, with blue porcelain and nickel plated surface trim. William S. Boal died in 1933 and by 1935; the company had been sold, liquidated and closed down.

Pieces with the W.C. Davis and Favorite Piqua Ware markings are very much collected by the cast iron and stove collecting community.

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