G F Filley Cast Iron

G.F. Filley

The Excelsior Manufacturing Co.

The Excelsior Manufacturing Co. was established by Giles F. Filley in approximately 1849 and was known as the Excelsior Stove Works of St. Louis, Missouri. In 1865, The Excelsior Stove Works was incorporated under the name of The Excelsior Manufacturing Company. In 1895, Giles F. Filly retired and the company was reorganized under the name Charter Oak Stove and Range Company. Mainly in the stove manufacturing business, as with many stove manufacturing companies, they also made related products, such as hollow ware (skillets, Dutch ovens, griddles, trivets, etc.). This line of related hollow ware products were marked and carried the name of the founder G.F. Filley, the name most people, mistakenly, believe was the name of the foundry that produced the products. Charter Oak Stoves continued to be made until the late 1940s.

Many of their products were of high quality and unique design for the time and are today much sought after and prized by collectors and most often, will command a premium over similar products, for the same purpose, by other manufacturers.

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