Metlox Pottery Company

The Metlox Pottery Company opened in 1927 in Manhattan Beach, California.  By combining parts of the two words “metal” and “oxide”, the substance that gives pottery it’s beautiful and vibrant colors, is how the “Metlox” name came to be.  In the late 20’s and early 30’s Metlox began producing house ware items and art pottery that became very popular.    Before that time the company‘s main focus was on making large outdoor ceramic signs for theaters and other businesses.   In 1947 the plant started producing cookie jars with several of their cookie jars going by the trade name of “Poppytrail of California”; this was a division of Metlox.  They continued to make outstanding quality products until June 1989. Metlox was the last of the California Potteries, with their closing, it marked the end of a legacy of California production and design.  Their cookie jars are highly collectible and sought after by many cookie jar and pottery collectors.  Some of their marks are “Made in Poppytrail, Calif.”, “Made in California-Poppytrail Pottery by Metlox”, “Made in Poppytrail, CA USA”, “Metlox CA USA”, and many more.  They also used paper labels on some of their cookie jars and others are unmarked.
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