Royal Copley

Royal Copley was a decorative kind of pottery produced by the Spaulding China Company in Sebring, Ohio.  They produced pottery from 1942 to 1957.  The Spaulding China Company also produced two other lines, Royal Windsor and Spaulding.  Royal Copley is the most recognized name out of the three.  Approximately 85% of the items produced at Spaulding were Royal Copley.  Every item had a paper label, and the labels were often mixed up between the three names.  Royal Copley was originally sold through five and ten cent stores.  The Royal Windsor and Spaulding lines were sold through gift shops and department stores.  Royal Copley produced expertly modeled and colorfully decorated items such as planters, figurines, banks, vases, ashtrays, wall pockets and more.   Their figurines depict dogs, birds, people and more, their lovely floral designs appear on many planters, wall pockets and vases.  Some of the Royal Copley pieces have gold trim which increases their value considerably.  Royal Copley pieces are beautiful with rich vibrant colors and quality design.  Royal Copley’s Pottery is highly sought after by the most advanced collectors.
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