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Shawnee Large Gold Trim Smiley Single Shaker
Shawnee Gold Trim Smiley Large Shaker With Rose Decal

Shawnee Large Gold Trim Smiley Single Shaker

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Collectible Shawnee Salt & Pepper Shakers

Shawnee Green Bib Smiley Shaker With Rose Decal
Large Range Size with Gold Trim and Rare Decal

This beautiful Shawnee Range Size Smiley shaker has a Green Neckerchief,  Gold Trim and a Rose Decal on his belly.  Smiley has 4 holes on top with some discoloration around the holes.  He has no chips or hairlines and the gold is in good condition.  This rose decal is not a common decal for Shawnee Shakers.  This rose decal has lovely soft colors and much lighter than I've seen on the cookie jars with the same  decals. 
The tip of Smiley's green neckerchief is missing a small spot of green paint.  It is under glaze so that was the way it came from the factory. On the back of Smiley it looks like someone was in a hurry and got a little sloppy with the brown paint on his overalls.  These two issues is probably why it had the gold trim and decal added by the decorators.
This is one awesome smiley shaker with his rosy cheeks, snout, gold buttons and let's don't forget that beautiful rose decal.  Take him home and add him to your collection ... He's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Shawnee Shaker Measurements:  Approx. 5" Tall
Shawnee Range Size Gold Trim Smiley Shaker With Rose Decal - Free Shipping!!!

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