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Smith-Corona Portable Typewriter
Smith-Corona Portable Typewriter

Smith-Corona Portable Typewriter

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Antique Typewriters

Smith-Corona Portable Typewriter "Very Nice Antique Typewriter"

This manual typewriter made by L C Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc, looks and acts to be in good condition.  The case does show wear, as seen in the photos and it could stand to at least be cleaned, oiled and it needs a ribbon.  These old portable typewriters, Approximately 90 Years Old, are hard to come by that look this good.

Since I don't know anything about old typewriters, I am selling it as an Antique Display Item and not as a working machine.  I do know the keys strike the paper and advances the carriage.

Circa 1924 aprox.

Smith-Corona Typewriter Measurements:  11 1/4" x 5 3/4" x 5 3/4"
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