Wapak Cast Iron

The Wapak Hollow Ware Company began operations in Wapakoneta, Ohio in 1903 and produced its products, for a relatively short period of time, until filing bankruptcy in 1926. They were in the cast hollow ware business only and not a stove manufacturer as most foundries were at the time. Their products ranged from and included skillets, griddles, gem pans, kettles, waffle irons, sad irons and even manhole covers and catch basins.

Many of their products seem to have been copied from other manufacturer’s designs and molds. Many of their pieces have been found with the faint name of another manufacturer; these are called ghost marks by collectors and are highly sought after by the collecting community.

One of the markings The Wapak Hollow Ware Company is famous for and most sought after by collectors, is the Wapak Indian Medallion, which features an image of an Indian and is marked Wapak High Grade Hollow Ware. Skillets with this mark are of high quality and designed by The Wapak Hollow Ware Company and not copied from another manufacturer.

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